Podiatry-Chiropody Services in Pembrokeshire

Podiatrists (which means the same as a Chiropodist) are highly skilled professionals trained to prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate abnormal conditions of the feet and lower limbs. We, as Podiatrists, help prevent and can correct foot problems, keeping people mobile and active, relieving pain and treating infections.

At the Pembrokeshire Foot Clinic our practitioners are H.P.C. (Health Professions Council) & State Registered, and are BSc Podiatry qualified. These are the ONLY Podiatry qualifications recognised by the NHS.

The Pembrokeshire Foot Clinic, which is based in Haverfordwest, has over 25 years of podiatry (chiropodist) experience in NHS and private practice. We are also fully trained in diabetic care and wound management, and also in biomechanics.

Our Podiatry / Chiropody service includes:

  • General chiropody & podiatry treatments such as toenail cutting.
  • Treatment of ingrowing, thickened and fungal toenails
  • Treatment of corns, callus/hard skin and warts
  • Treatment of verrucae's
  • Treatment of painful feet/heels and sports injuries
  • Clinic based appointments
  • Home visiting service
  • Special rates for any large group/residential/nursing homes
  • Hospital visits
  • Nail surgery under local anaesthetic
  • Biomechanics and gait analysis
  • Specialist practitioners providing care for ‘high risk’ patients
  • Home visits are available Monday to Friday.
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MONDAY: Reception Only

TUESDAY: 9.00 - 17.30

WEDNESDAY: 10.00 - 18.30

THURSDAY: 9.00 - 17.00

FRIDAY: 9.00 - 17.00
Please call us on 01437 769333 To book an appointment

‘Just Nails’ Service

The Pembrokeshire Foot Clinic in Haverfordwest provides a ‘Just Nails’ Service, which is a simple toenail cutting service to eligible patients at minimal cost. The service is offered to help keep feet in good order for older/disabled people who are unable to perform this task themselves. Click here for more information…
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    As one gets older toe-nail cutting can be a problem. Both my wife and I have entrusted the care of our feet to Pembrokeshire Foot Clinic and have been more than happy with their service. Their new ‘Just Nails’ service is an absolute bargain and one which we will use on a regular basis.
    Ray Williams OBE, Former Secretary of the WRU

Group Rates

We have been tending to the feet of the members of the Pembrokeshire Parkinson's Society for a number of years. Due to the effects of the Parkinson's disease, sufferers find it on times extremely difficult to attend various appointments, so every six weeks we go to see the group which meet every Wednesday at the HOPE MS Centre in Honeyborough and look after all of their foot care needs. Some of the most common/general treatments include corn and callus removal, nail-care, soft tissue and connective tissue problems, and advice on footwear.

Podiatrists carry out specialised work such as nail surgery and musculoskeletal assessments. We can also diagnose and treat conditions that threaten the feet of patients liable to injury or pressure related problems, as a result of medical disorders such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or impaired circulation. Some problems are inherited and some develop from illness in middle age, or from pressure of ill-fitting shoes.

Orthotics (Biomechanics)

We specialise in biomechanics. This involves looking at the relationship between the bones, muscles and soft tissue in the lower limb and foot, and its effects on other parts of the body such as the back and knee. We use ACE orthotics to address biomechanical issues (please visit http://www.feetinmotion.co.uk/ for more information).
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